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QQ 1147.Ms. Jane Simms - Letter - Shehlla


Ms Mary Wright

the community nurse

lakeside community health center

50 hope street


16 august 2008

Dear ms wright,

Re: ms jane simms, aged 46

Ms simms , who was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerasis, requires home visits for ongoing nursing care and medication complaince, following her discharge hack to house tommorrow.

on 26 july 2008 , ms simms was admitted to the hospital with complaints of having pressure ulcer at her right buttock due to over wight. during hospitalization , she was commenced with prothiaden 150 mg once daily, aonge with her antidepressant drugs and carticosteroids. health education segarding low calorie diet, and exercise including stretching and strengthening , along with occupational therapy were iniciated.

ms simmr is retired, lives with her sister in 3 bedroomed house. she has had significant increased in her weight and increase the sign and symptoms of depression after her rebirement.

based on above mentioned circumstances ; regular monitory of her medication compliance , especially antidepressent medication is recommended , evaulation of the pressure point, and cleaning , exetremly benificiary for skin integrity continues monitoring of the weight and exercise program required . kindely embolde her in some social activites.

if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

yours sincerly,

charge nurse

lakeside community health center


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