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QQ 1143.Mrs. Janet Craven - Letter - Vithya


Ms jessica riley


chaston field physiotherapy

89 school road

chaston field

05 december 2020

Dear ms jessica

Re: mrs janat craven, aged 69

I am writing to refer mrs janet craven, who has bean recuperating from transient is chaemic attack, requires follow up exercise and management from your service. she is being discharged today.

Today , mrs craven was presented with the compliance of difficulty in talking numbers and weakness of right side. subsequently , she underwent CT scan and echocar diagram which was revealed the mild ventricular hypertrophy on examination , speech difficulty and elevated BP( 16g/ 100 mmhg )were noticed . In addition , here BMI is 32 . During hospitalization , she has been treated with conservatively along with inpatient physically has been initiated for ambulation.

A retired hospital lab worker, mrs craven lives with her husband. she has had hypertension pulmonary smbolism and depression for which she is on warfarin asprin and lisinpril.

Based on the above mentioned circumference , it would be beneficial for mrs craven,if you could improve muscle strength and flexibility kindly make sure to enhance balance and co ordination in order to improve mobility.

Yours sincerely

Ward Nurse

Neurology Ward

Chaston feild hospital


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