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QQ 1130. Ms. Martin - Letter - Sangita Devi


The Nurse-in- charge

District Nursing Service

Greenville Community Health Centre

88 Highton Road


15 July 2017

Dear Nurse-in- charge,

Re: Ms. Martin, aged 81

Ms. Martin, who underwent angioplasty surgery, requires anticipated needs following her return home tomorrow.

Ms. Martin was admitted to hospital due to coronary artery disease and ongoing on 15 july. She is anxious about her health. Her body was mass index is 29.5. she has had hypertension managed with metoprotin and ramipril and atorvastalin for hypercholesterolemia. Her body was index is 29.5. Post operatively bruising and bleeding noted from insertion site is concern about returning home. He has routine ppst operative recovery.

She is single, lives in own house. She is financially independent and prefer meals on wheel. She has family history of coronary heart disease as well as she was aldo diagnosed prdviously. She wears hearing aid due to hearing loss.

Based on above mentioned circumstances, low-caloric, high protein, low cholesterol, glutem free diet frequent small meds and plenty of fluids are adviced for maintaining healthy dieting habit. Strangely recommended for light exercise daily for 15 minutes walk and to avoid heavy lifting for 12 hrs. Please note to maintain wound site for bruishing or infection and medication complaince, regular visit of family will be beneficial for her progress.

Ms. Martin requires home visit from community nurse co-monitor medication, exercise and dietary regime. It would be greatly appreciated if you could comange a community nurse. In adition regular monitoring by dietician and physiotherapist is necessary.

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Ward Nurse

Cardiac Unit

Greenvile Public Hospital.


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