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QQ 1123.Mr. Alan Marco - Letter - Sithara Jayathunga


Dr. Cyril John

Local General Practitioner

The Hail Land Medical Clinic


New Zealand

20 July 2019

Dear Dr. John,

Re: Mr. Alan Marco , aged 38

I am requesting an urgent visiting consultation and management for Mr. Marco, who has personally diagnosed with localized right external ear infection along with uncontrolled hyperglycaemia.

Mr. Marco was came to this Holiday Resort for a two weeks holiday and was participating scuba diving and swimmingin daily basis. During his stay, he was suffering from severe right ear pain for the last five days which was not responded to paracetamol. The pain was assessed son's out of ten in a scale. In addition to that his blood sugar levels are currently unstable.

On examination today, his ear pain is persisting. Right ear is warm to touch and having tenderness when palpating external ear shows redness but has no any discharges. Despites of redness, ear canal has swelling. Tympanic membrane also looks pale in colour.

Mr. Marco was advised to have ibuprofen which is availe in over- the- counter for manage his pain. Also, informed to refrain from cotton ball insertion to the affected ear and swimming activity . His blood sugar levels monitored regularly.

He has had type-1 diabetes in which he takes insuline regularly. He smokes 10 cigarattes per a day.

Based on above - mentioned circumstances urgent consultation for a formal diagnosis of Mr. Marcos condition and effective pain management and review of insulin treatement would be extremely beneficial.

If you have any queries , please dk not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Holiday Resort

Bayline Road


New Zealand.


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