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QQ 1115. Mrs. Sally Fletcher - Letter - Lalitha Parameswaran

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Ms. Joan Stevens

Home Health Nurse

Milhouse Visiting Nurse Association


Gu10 IHA

25 March 2018

Dear Ms. Stevens

Re: Mrs. Sally Fletcher, aged 25

I am referring Mrs. Sally Fletcher who underwent laparoscopic surgery is being discharged home today, she requires your appropriate supervision.

On 25 March 2018, Mrs. Fletcher was admitted to hosptial with the complaints of frequent acute menstrual pain associated with left lower quadrant pain which persistent despite tasking naproxen, accompanying with intermittent constipation. Trans- vaginal ultrasound revealed, 6cm cyst which diagnosedbthen endometriosis Laparoscopic surgery was performed , postoperatively incision site was menstrual cleand and dry. Excessive constipation of fluids was encouraged and returning to regular diet can be considered depending upon her capability, mobilization is encouraged according to the ability, all laboratory levels are unremarkable. Excellent orientation regarding person, place, time and situation is observed. Actions of daily living such as , constipation of food, ambulation and nomination independently.

Mrs. Fletcher, is a accountant. The preferal western diet, exercises three times per week. She was trying for a child since 3 years, and shy to discuss sexual history.

Based on above mentioned circumstances, Mrs. Fletcher was advised from showering from next day and driving can be permitted only 24-49 hours after final dose of analgesic , however resumption of sexual activity after a fort night is recommended.

If you need any additional information regarding Mrs fletcher, please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Surgical Ward.


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