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QQ 1121. Ms. Sally Fletcher - Letter - Hassina

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Dr stevens

Genral physian

Hill street surgery



11 June 2021

Dear Dr stevens

Re: Ms sally fletcher, aged 25

I am writing to update you regarding ms fletching who was diagnosed for endometrosis and she is being disscharged under your care.

Intially on 25/03/2018, ms fletcher presented with complaints of recurrent a cute menstural pain which localized to lower left quadrant despite taking naproxen . however , constipation associated with pain in lower left quadrant was also mentioned by her. therefore , an ultra sound was orderded which revealed 6 cm cyst at endometrial area. consequently a successful lapareoscopic surgery was done. she was advised to keep in cisis clean and dry. she can take shower but can not drive before 24-48 hrs after rinal close analgesics. sexual activity is permitted after two weeks of surgery . taking plenty oral fluids , regular diet and ambulation are encouraged.

Her labrotary's tests are unremarkable and her health condition is good. she is able to eat , ambulate and urinate independently else needs someone who can drive car while taking analgesia

Your follow up and management would be highly apperciated.

If you have any concerns , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely



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