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QQ 11136. Mrs. Priya Sharma - Letter - Rashid Elhassan


Dr. Lina Smith


City hospital


10 February 2014

Dear Dr. Smith

Re: Mrs. Priya Sharma, aged 60

Thankyou for seeing Mrs. Sharma, whose clinical features are suggestive of worsening diabetes control, your evaluation and ongoing treatment are appreciated.

Concerning her medical record, Mrs. Sharma has a NIDDM since 1994, for which she takes metformin 500mg and glipizide 5mg. She has a stronf family history of type-2 diabetes and she is allergic to penicillin.

Initially on 29-12 , Mrs. Sharma was anxious regarding her unconstrained glucose levels, despite her regular visit to the health centre and the frequent home self monitoring of the blood glucose level and blood pressure. She has no complaints concerning urination and bowek habbits. Her last opthamology reportd was normal. On examination , apart from high blood pressure, systematic review was unremarkable. Susbsequently blood tests were requested. Atacand 4 mg was prescribed and following visit was scheduled. On her subsequent visit her blood investigation revealed hyper glycemia with Hb arc 101, hypercholesterolemia along with a GFR more than 50 ml/ min. Therefore, metformin was modified to 12mm twice daily and Lipitor 20 mg was added.

On todays visit, her pathology test, demonstrated a high blood sugar, despite a normal lipid profile.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, yoh further expert maangement regarding Mrs. Sharma's uncontrol diabetes would be extremely beneficial.

In case you require any further information, please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely



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