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QQ 1154.Mr. Darwish Woods - Letter - Priya Thomas


Ms smith brown

Head of Nursing

Rehabilitation center

Brisbane QLD

Australia 4001

29 may 2021

Dear ms brown

Re: Mr Darwish Woods, aged 77

Mr woods, who underwent coronary artery graft surgery, requires rehabilitative care and management for 3 weeks following his transfer to your facility today

on 23 may 2021 mr woods was admitted in icu for 24 hours observation following coronary astery bypass surgery for which graft was taken from the left leg . postperatively was managed with antibiotics analgpsic 130/80 mm of hg. 70 promote wound healing dressing and elastic stocking were applied.

on 25 may 2021 , excellent progress of his health condition was observed . consequently the chest tube was removed. brufen was administered for pain over the chest and shoulder . deep breathing exercise and daily walking four times a day for short distance was initiated with guidance of physicotherapy.

In terms of post medical history . hypertension , high cholesterol and arthritis in 2021, 2009 and 2007 respectively for which perindopril itab daily. atorvastatin and paracetomal 1g 4 times daily evaluvation of the wound dressing is suggested , until full recovery is achieved. continuation of exercise and walking which is already initiated is highly recommended . heavy lifting to be avoided follow up appointment on 7 june 2021 is scheduled. removal of sutures after a fortnight . upon discharge home from your facility caregiver and meals services to be arranged.

based on the above mentioned circumstances your on going evaluvation and management would be extremly benificial for mr woods present condition. if you have any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours Sincerely

Surgical Nurse

Post Operative Ward


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