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QQ 1114. Ms. Sheila Dyer - Letter - Lalitha Bantu

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Mr. John webb

Manager of Barville Nursing Home

18 Meadow Road


12 may 2019

Dear Mr. Webb

Re: Ms. Sheila Dyer, aged 72

I am writing regarding Ms. Sheila, aged 72 who was admitted to our hospital on 10 March 2019 with the complaints of left side ischemic stroke , with hypertension and dyspidemia due to discharged today back to your facility.

Ms. Sheila has been treated immediately on admission with TPA ( Tissue Plasminoen Activator ) as well as supplemented oxrygen. During the hospitalization we start with dipyridamole 200mg bd , Aspirin 75mg OD, with her hypertension drugs like Enalapril 25mg once daily and metoprolol 50mg twice daily. However, Ms. Sheila, IDL goal to decreased 70 mg/dl started Atorvastalin 40 mg at bed time, in addition dobigatran 75mg twice daily for anti-coagulant.

However, encourage Ms. Sheila constant physiotherapy, with the helo of stretching and strengthening exercises for acitivities weakness along with physical progress by dietician advice to reduce BMI to attain lower cholesterol level. Facilitating leisure time and social activities to get rid of depression. Take a note, neurology consultation due on 22nd May. Still suffering with aphasia and apraxia.

If you have any queries please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charged Nurse

Medical Ward.


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