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QQ 1110.Ms. Sheila Dyer - Letter - Prabhjeet Kaur

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Mr. John Webb

The Manager

Barville Nursing Home

18 Meadow Road


12 May 2019

Dear Mr. Webb

Re: Ms. Sheila Dyer, aged 72

Ms. Sheila Dyer, who has beem recuperating from left-side ischemic stroke and middle cerebral artery, requires follow-up care, is being discharged into your facility today.

On 10 March, Ms. Dyer got hospitalized and urgently treated with tissue plasminogen activation and supplemental oxygen. Two days later, was recommended on dipyridamide 120 mg twice a day and Dabigatran 75mg twice daily, which needs to be continued . Ms. Dyer has had dyslipidemin and hypertension since 2011 and 2015. Subsequently, atorvastation 40 mg twice dialy and enalpril 25 mg along with metaprolol 50 mg twice a day are prescribed. To reduce upper extremely muscle weakness aspirin 75mg once a day is recommended.

In addtion, assistance is dressing, showering and toileting is required. Regular physiotherapy: stretching and strengthening exercises alongwith language therapy for aphasis and apraxia is advised. Screening of diabetes and monitoring of blood pressure. On regular basis is highly suggested. Thorough examination for depression and encouragement regarding leisure and social acitivities is recommended. Also, a neurology level mediterranean diet is sanctioned.

Ms. Dyer is a retired officer worker and a pensioner, has mild depression resulted from husband's death. She has poor relation with her daughter, whi lives overseas . Ms. Dyer is fond of reading , water colours painting and listening to music. Also, ha sa family history of diabetes.

Based on above mentioned circumstances , appropriate management and ongoing care of Ms. Sheila Dyers health condition would be profoundly beneficial.

In case you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charged Nurse

Barville Public Hospital

22 Seal Road



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