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QQ 1105. Ms. Betty Johnson - Letter - Vijaya Venkatesan

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Dr Tony Jones

Local Doctor

Private practice

12 New street


12 March 2015

Dear Dr Jones

Re: Ms Betty Johnson

I am updating you regarding Ms Betty Johnson, who has been recovering from a right total knee replacement . She is being discharged today from the rehabilitation center.

On 25 February, 2015 ms Johnson, underwent a right total knee replacement. Post operative, her vital paramet were normal range. However her hemoglobin level was 80 gll. Therefore , administered with intravenous thrombi cephalathin 1gm 4 Times in aday along with excellent mobility and wound healing. Therefore dressing was performed and clip removal was done.

On 07 March 2015 , ms Johnson was transferred to rehabilitation. Ambulation was noted using with frame. However , she required with minimal assist for daily living activities . Following day, decreased Warfarin 4 mg feratab 150 mg. She is able to manage independently.

Based on the above circumstances , ms Johnson is require home nursing assistant and daily dressing . She is scheduled for rehabilitation at fartning later along with local Doctor visit in a week . Please advise to repeat BC. INR.

If you require any further clarifications, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse.

Ms Betty Johnson - 1 vijayalaxmi venkatesan


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