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QQ 1104. Mr. Gerald Baker - Letter - Shini

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Ms.Samantha bruin

Senior nurse

Greywalls nursing home

27 station road

Grey walls

07 September 2018

Re: Mr. Gerald baker, aged 79

Dear Ms.bruin,

Mr.Gerald baker, who has been secuperating from a left hip total replacement , requires ongoing are after being discharged back in to yours facility today.

Post operatively aspirin 100 mg once daily was secommexd a long with his regular anti hyper tensive drug . In addition to that, panadeine forfe 550 mg three times daily also started . skin integrity was maintained by daily surgical dressing occupational therapy , physicotgerapy exercises such as sange of motion , stretching and streafhening were jnitiated as a result the attains a good mobility and be can walks a word length independently the hospital will provide a wheel walker and a wedge pilb two weeks by a social worker

During the recovery period baker was disoriented for time and place that may be due to anaesthetic effect however , constant monitoring is required . he was transfused with three units of packet red blood cells in order to manage his past perative gnaemia haemoglobin -72 . even though his haemoglobin level raised to , further monitering required .

After discharge , kindly encourage him to continue the regular exercise and please monitor his medication compliance.kindly note , he is due for follow cy2 visit after two weeks for skptes removal along with FBC and UFC reports.

Based on the above circumstances regular monitoring and continuing managment required .if your have further queries , do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge nurse

City hospital


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