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QQ 1086. Ms. Anne Ellis - Letter - Lalitha Parameshwaran

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Mr Paul Farris


Summersed Nursing Home

Garden Street

Berry town

16 June 2018

Dear mr ferris

Re: Mrs Anne Ellis , aged 76

Mrs Anne ellis who has been diagnosed with bilateral renal caleuli and moderate bilateral hydronephrosis . she requires continuing care and management is being discharged today.

On 12 June , mrs ellis was presented to hospital with the camplain ts of abrupt onset of intense, unlateral left Joint and groin pain radiating to lower back. Vomiting , restless, sweating , grimace and hae maturia were observed . subsequently , intravenous diclofen ac 75 mg for pain management , metaclopramide 10 mg and intravenous rehydration were administered . compuerised tomography scan performed . it revealed bilateral multiple renal calculai and moderate dilation of left collecting system and measuring 4 mm calculas obstructing pelviureteric junction.

On the next day , tamsolusing 8mg twice daily and paracsetamol 500 mg every 4-6 hours were commencel , gradually pain reduction has been reported. Urologist assessment performed which revealed to pass stone spontaniously fortnight , strict compliance of oral fluid intake of two to three liters daily recomended . Dietary restriction regarding salt, oxalaterich foods and animal prote in were adviced. A dietition service is recommened to monitor her dietary habits.

Based on above mentioned circumstances , regular checking of passage of stone and to be sent to laboratory for analysis is highly recommended . please note the follow up appointment for the urologist is scheduled on 20 july.

If you required any additional information , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerly,

Charge Nurse

Medical ward

Berrytown public hospital

24 Beech Road



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