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QQ - 1080. Ms. Anne Ellis - Letter - Prabhjeet Kaur


Mr Paul Ferris

The Manager

Summerseal Nursing Home

Garden Street

Berry Town

16 June 2018

Dear Mr Ferris

Re: Ms Anne Ellis, aged 76

Ms Anne Ellis, who has been recuperating from renal calic and is being discharged into your facility today, requires on going monitoring of medication and dietary regimen.

On 12 June , Ms Ellis got hospitalized with the complaints of ex crutiating unilateral left loin and groin pain, which was radiating to lower back. associated symptoms were reported including ; restlessness , sweeting and vomiting . upon urine culture test haematuris was confirmed . Mild hypertension and tachycardia was observed. Moderate bilateral multiple renal calculi were confirmed by compputed tomegraphy scan.

In addition , ms ellis reported dehydrated and intolerable to oral fluids , due to constant vomiting , subsequently treated with intravenous metaclapramide 10mg . also intravenous rehydration therapy and fluid intake were commenced daily. I ain was managed with intravvenous diclafenac 75mg. on 13 june, tamsolusin 8mg twice a day was prescribed to aid spontaneous passage of calculus and paracetamol 500mg six hourly, which regular monitoring.

Regular monitoring of medication and fluid intake upto 2-3 litre per day is required . Monitoring of urine output is advised . use of shieve is recommended to chech the passage of stone for laboratory analysis . Regular dietary consultation is neccessary as some dietary restrictions needs to follow . Decrease in salt intake is advised upto 3g daily . Excessive intake of oxalate rich foods is restricted. Animal protein intake is upto 10g kg body weight is recommended. A follow up outpatient appointment with urologist is on 20 july.

Based on a formentioned circumstances , regular monitoring and appropriate management of ms ellis health conditioned would be prefoundly beneficial . In case you require any additional information , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Charge Nurse

Medical ward

Berrytown public hospital

24 Beach road

Berry town


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