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QQ - 1079. Ms. Mary Bell - Letter - Nusrat Mujeeb


Ms. Jane Rudik

Community Nurse

Community Health Centre


15 July 2018

Dear Rudik

Re: Ms. Mary Bell, aged 66

I am writing this letter to you Ms. Mary Bell, who has self admission at community hospital with diagnosed small injected wound ( Diabetic food ) on left and unstable diabetics mellitus. She is being discharged today.

On admission 24 June 2018 , she presented with small ulcer on left foot. Currently! she is on Gibenclamide 5mg once a day, Melformin 85mg every 8 hourly and Amoxycillin 875/125 mg orally twice a day. She is depending on insulin since 15 years. She had history of repeatedly self admission and more consumption of alcohol.

On assessment, she encounter with hyppglycemis due to continuation of glibeclamide revisiom of antibiotic has been alone. Wound dressing has been performed with normal saline on daily bases, monitoring wound margins, observe signs of complications and heavily progress.

In-additionally based on all above circumstances, she requires continuously nursing care monitoring complaince of medication and blood sugar level support for decrease or cease consumption of alcohol , encouragement for participating social activities, advised for more focus on overall life style.

If you have any queries do not be hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Community Hospital



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