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SS-012 - Smita Kantha - Nurse - Sheffield - England - United Kingdom - Bhubaneswar - Odisha - India

Mrs Angelena Jolly - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Hemorrhagic Tonsillitis

Registered - Regular Student - 4 Language Skills

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Dr Peter Frederick

General surgeon

Blue Well hospital

20 February 2019

Dear Dr Frederick

Re: Angelina Jolly, aged 55

I'm referring Angelina Jolie has been experiencing symptoms consistent with tonsillitis and rheumatoid arthritis requires your esteemed care and probable treatment.

On the day of admission, Angelina presented with throat pain associated with headache, fever, weakness, dysphagia,dry cough and severe joint pain all over the body. Subsequently, blood reports of Aso titer, WBC and ESR were deranged and haemodynamic unstability was marked.

In addition, Amoxicillin 1.2 gm thrice a day, paracetamol 1gm and fluid replenish were commenced intervenously. Betadine gargle was provided to subside the infections. However, dysphagia is still present and overall progression was unsatisfactory. Hence, for better management tonsitectomy was suggested.

Additionally, Angelina has had insulin dependent diabetes since 1999, also suffering from hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia. She is a chronic smoker and has a habit of occasional drinks. Further, dietary management and regular exercise would be extremely beneficial. Betadine gargle to be continued.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, further care and management after surgery would be highly recommended for Angelina. In case you need any additional informations, do not hesitate to contact me.

Your sincerely

Charge Nurse

Royal Perth Hospital



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