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Huntington Tower


09 Septemer 2018

Re: Ms Sonia Callaja, aged 85

Thank you for seeing Ms Sonia Callaja, who has been recuperating after right inguinal hernia repair. She requires ongoing care and support from your facility, is being discharged today.

Ms Calleja lives alone in independent living unit and her daughter lives near to her place. She has a history of osteoarthritis for which she is on iron supplements and Vitamin D. Apart from this, she has a family history of colon cancer and stroke. Therefore, she regularly consults Dr.Smith for her illness.

Ms Calleja was under the treatment for intestinal obstruction in the hospital for last twelve days. Even though, she has a good progress, has a mild symptoms of confusion and imbalance. Consequently, the usage of a four wheel frame was recommended. Please note that, she is anxious to live in her home after surgery. Regrettably, her daughter is sick and unable to take care her at home. Hence, she has been advised for a high level nursing care near to her daughter.

Based n aforementioned circumstances, your expert care and support regarding Ms Calleja and her family for a transition to aged care is extremely appreciated.

In case you require additional information do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse

Newtown Hospital


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