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AJ-19 - 1175. Shaista Anjum - Jasmine Thompson


Ms Nita Robert

In-Home Nursing Services

79 Beachside Street


15 July 2018

Dear Ms Robert,

Re: Mrs Jasmine Thompson, aged 76

Address: 73 White Road,


I am referring Mrs Jasmine Thompson, who has been recuperating from right total shoulder replacement, for home visits for further support and rehabilitation.

On 11 July, Mrs Thompson underwent R-TSR surgery. Post-operatively, pain and wound were monitored. She has had a history of right humerous fracture, osteoartheritis and intense shoulder pain. Her medications are, Panadeine Forte 30/500mg twice daily, Clexane thrice daily and voltaren 500mg; which is prohibited couple of weeks earlier due to surgery. In the social context, she lives alone, However,post-operatively her daughter will accompany her for a month.

During hospitalization, vitals along with sensory and motor functions were monitored. Wound care and cold compress on shoulder were provided. Whenever needed assisted her in daily living activities. Physiotherapy commenced for regaining mobility as per TSR protocol along with follow-up appointements with physiotherapist has been scheduled.

Following discharge, in a week, couple of time physiotherapy and one hydrotherapy session is adviced. On 25 july, removal of surgical staples are suggested along with orthopedic follow-up appointements. Assistance with daily living activities and administration of subcutaneous Clexane is recommended.

In case additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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