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AJ-15. - 1149. Ankita Setia - Alicia Nesbit


The Local Community Midwifery Team

Saltown Maternal and Child Health centre


28 April 2016

Dear sir/Madam,

Re: Baby Alicia Nesbitt, DOB 22 April 2016

Baby Alicia, Who was diagnosed with low birth weight and opioid dependent, requires follow up care from your facility after being discharged today.

On 22 April 2016, Baby Alicia was born with low birth weight and opioid dependent as her mother Gemma has been heroin dependent for two years. Both mother and baby completed heroin withdrawal without any complications. Also, the drug and alcohol team remain involved to manage Gemma’s ongoing addiction issue. At birth, Alicia's Weighed 2.0 kg and now is 2.3 kg. But, she has been bottle feeding erratically and her appetite seems to be decreasing. Apart from that, the bonding between baby and mother appears poor and Gemma often needs prompting to care for baby.

Gemma recently worked as a sex worker and lives separate from Alicia's father due to a domestic violence towards her pregnancy; however, Gemma’s mother is very supportive. Along with this, social services are involved for the approval of discharge into her grandmother's home.

Based on the above information, it would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange daily home visits until baby’s weight and feeding have stabilized. Please maintain a safe environment for baby and do update to the social worker if any risk is present. Gemma should be monitored for the coping and psychosocial state. It is very important to educate mother and grandmother on infant care. Also liaise with the drug and alcohol team to provide integrated support for mother to decrease the risk of heroin use. Doctor's notes will be forwarded to you.

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Saint Daphne Maternity Hospital


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