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AG.02. Pavithira Raghavan - Mr Alferd Bill


Community nurse head

Care Well Hospital


23 May, 2010

Dear nurse,

Re: Mr Alferd Billy, aged 52

I am writing to request a home visit for Mr Alfred Billy, who underwent removal of basal cell carcinoma. He requires supportive care and follow up at your services.

On 21 March, Mr Billy was admitted to our hospital. He was diagnosed with skin cancer. Surgery was done and skin biopsy was taken for pathological studies. There were mild wound infection and breakdown on the suture site. He was commenced with panadein 500 mg for his pain. No complications were noted during his hospitalization. He was planned to discharge today.

Mr Billy is a truck driver and lives with his wife. He is not only a chronic alcoholic but also a smoker. His past medical history was unremarkable.

Upon discharge, Mr Billy has the possibility of incomplete excision so he requires daily observation. He need to continue his medication for one week.

In the view of above circumstances, Monitoring of Mr Billy's condition and medication would be e highly beneficial.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further queries .

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse

Hospital Royal Perth


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