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AG.01. Amal Mariya - Mr Robert


Marry Watson

Palliative Care Manager

Royal District Nursing Service

26 November 2011

Dear Ms Robert, DOB: 02 June 1952

Mr Robert, who has diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of left lung had been confirmed by CT scan, requires assistance in daily activities and conditions observation for pain and symptoms.

Mr Robert, was admitted on 01 October 2011 presenting with the complaints of chronic cough, hoarseness and difficulty breathing upon exertion. He has had history of episodes of bronchitis and HT was diagnosed on June 2008. He smokes one to one and half packets of cigarettes per day, from last 40 years. But he is non-alcoholic.

During hospitalization, he has underwent resection of the lung and also started chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He is on terminal stage because of that treatment was ineffective, also metastases affected the liver and spine. Provided a comfortable position as well as oxygen therapy and fluid was administered. For the pain management morphine sulfate 40 milligrams every fourth hourly or 20 milligrams dose was given.

After discharge, Mr Robert pain status has been noticed as well as other symptoms also to be managed. To find out the need of assistance, assess the mobility and bathing. As per daughter's, his father further treatment to be continued in the hospital but he wishes to go back to home. Health education provided to the family with emotional support.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, regular monitoring and pain management would be extremely beneficial to improve Mr Robert's health condition. In case, additional information is required, kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered nurse


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