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AF.48. Hima Theresa - Mr Harley Chapman


The Nurse

The Skilled Care Facility Broomgrove Nursing and Convalescent Home

30 Broomgrove Road Sheffield S10 2LR

28 April 2018

Dear Nurse

Re: Mr Harley Chapman, aged 82

Thank you for accepting Mr Chapman,who underwent the right below knee amputation, requires continuing care and support following his discharge today.

My Chapman was admitted on 08 April with the right diabetic foot wound infected with gram positive cocci as well as fever and chills. He was commenced with intravenous antibiotic, and the amputation had been performed. Postoperative recovery was uneventfull, the antibiotic had been changed to oral. Pain has been managed with opioids.

Mr Chapman has had type two diabetes mellitus since 2003, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, osteoarthritis, age related dementia and moderate cognitive impairment. He is a retired postal worker and has been limited social interaction for six months.

Currently, Mr Chapman has been assisted with daily activities and ambulation. Surgical site has to be monitored for the signs of infection, and dressing to be changed daily.Oral fluids has to be encouraged to obtain adequate nutrition. Decubitus ulcers has to be prevented with effective measures.

Bolod cultures has been resulted negative as well as out of the risk of infection.Due to his reduced mobility, physiotherapy and occupational therapy have been scheduled after four weeks.

Based on the above-mentioned circumstances, acute care and physiotherapy of Mr Chapman would be greatly beneficial. In addition, a follow up with vascular surgeon has been arranged in two weeks.In case of further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

The Registered Nurse

The Medical surgical Unit Barnsley Hospital

35 Barnsley

South Yorkshire



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