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AF.30. Anvy Jacob - Mrs. Anne Ellis


16 June 2018

Mr. Paul Ferris

Manager of Summerseat Nursing Home

Garden Street

Berry town

Dear Mr. Ferris,

Re: Mrs. Anne Ellis, DOB: 06 January 1942

I am writing to update the current status of Ms. Ellis, who has been treated for bilateral multiple renal calculi. She requires further care and assistance in year care.

As ypu are aware, Ms. Ellus was admitted in our care on 12 June 2018 with groin pain which was radiating to back, vomiting, haematuria. On assessement, CT showed the above diagnosis and moderate bilateral hydromephrosis. Subsequently, she was commenced on IV diclofenac 75mg, IV Metocloprami10mg. The fluids intake was increased to 2L as she had dehydration. Paracetamol 500mg every 4-6 hours was adminiatered.

During hospitalization, vitals was stable with 36 hours and pain also got minimized. She was commenced on Tamsolusin 8 mg twice a day to aid. Spontaneous passage of calculus, medications Tamsolin and paracetamol need to be confined after discharge.

Inview of the above, it kindly monitor Ms. Ellis medications and pain relief. Encourage her to increase fluid intake (2-3L) daily and monitor urine output. In addition it is advised to use seive to check passage of stone which is to be sent for lab analysis which is expected to pain spontaneous with 1-2 weeks. Please note, monitoring by a dietician is required for less salt intake and to avoid excessive intake of oxalate foods. She should limit protein intake to1. 0 g/kg body weight.

If you have any queries , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse.


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