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AF.26. Hima Theresa - Mr Paul Schroder


Ms Brenna Hessel


Care And Cure Hospital

41 Campbelltown

New South Wales


13 September 2018

Dear Ms Hessel

Re: Mr Paul Schroder, aged 45

Thankyou for accepting Mr Schroder, who was recently diagnosed with type two diabetes, requires appropriate management and support from your facility following his discharge today.

Mr Schroder was admitted on 13 September with complaints of fatigue and anxiety related symptoms for six months. Upon admission, his medical examination showed that BMI of 32 kg/m², HbA1c of 72 mmol/mol, and blood pressure of 110/70 mmhg. Urine analysis for glucose and ketones was negative.He has been commenced with metformin 500mg once daily.

Mr Schroder lives alone, because of no communication between family and relatives as well as lac of connection with friends and neighbours.He is not only a chronic alcoholic but also a chain smoker.He has family history of type two diabetes from maternal side.

Currently, Mr Schroder had

been given counseling for the blood sugar monitoring and hypoglycemia. Discharge medications has been explained.Smolking cessation and reduce intake of alcohol has been adviced. Dietary management has been referred.A review for general assessment is scheduled on 27 september 2018.

Based on the above-mentioned mentioned circumstances,

expertised guidance and followup of My Schroder

would be greatly beneficial. In addition of an emergency, seek medical attention with Dr. Keeling.

In-case of any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Your sincerely

The Change Nurse

The Diabetic Care



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