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AF.05. Hima Theresa - Ms. Caderina Piper


Ms Bhavna Sandrine Charge Nurse

Palmar Home Care Facility.

03 January 2018

Re: Ms. Caderina Piper, aged 90

Ms Biper, who was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, requires continuity of care and support following her discharge today.

Ms Piper was presented with recurrence of psychiatric symptoms.She has had pernicious anemia, osteoarthritis, and urinary incontinence. Since October 2016, she has been treated with the complaint due to her emotional trauma.Initialy, she had been improved over two months.

On March 2017, Ms Piper was re-presented with depression and emotional weakness regarding her concern to new home. After nine months, she was expressed again psychiatric behaviours and severe paranoia along with visual hallucination.Despite of anti-psychotic, her condition was improved. But after one week, the symptoms has been aroused since she was returned.

Currently, My Piper has been commenced with haloperidol 0.025-1.0 mg daily; it has to be continued. Cognitive and exposure has been implemented. Ineffective copying and it's consequences has been identified.

Discussion and expression of feelings has to be elaborated. Support systems and timely refferal for further therapies has to be achieved.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, on going management and follow up of Ms Piper's condition wold be highly beneficial. In addition, try to seek medical advice for improper behaviour including self harm or to other as well disturbed sleep pattern.

In case of any addition informations, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

The Charge Nurse

The Beacham Ambulatory Care Center


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