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AE.43. Sumaira Zaman - Ms Betsie Anderson


Ms Dtella Howard

Head Nurse

Woodside Nursing House

Norwich 142

Woodside Rd, Norwich

19 February 2020

Dear Ms Howard,

Re: Ms Betsie Anderson, aged 89-year-old

Ms Anderson, who recovered from urinary tract infection, requiring an appropriate care and management follwoing her discharge back to your facility today.

Ms Anderson was hospitalised on 16/2/2020 with a confused state, increased somnolence, with a complaints of new a urinary incontinence, remarkable weight loss and a low grade fever. Upon investigation she had positive bacterial growth in urine and a raised WBC 15.2g/dl was noted, for which she was commenced on IV ciprofloxin.

During hospital stay she had a fast recovery, she regained her consciousness also fully printed. More on that she was seen by physiotherapist, now she has impressive increase in her activity was noted.

Upon discharge she is prescribed on levothyroxine 200 msg every morning, photonic 75 mg daily, colace 100 mg daily in the morning, multivitamin with calcium night, aricept 10 mg at bed time and ciprofloxin 250 mg orally every 12 hourly for 14 days. Kindly take a note she will have to see her GP Dr. Alex Rose in 2 weeks along with a repeat urine analysis with other investigations also in 2 weeks. She would be needing a close daily hemodynamic observations specially orthostatic blood pressure, level of consciousness, proper hygiene and continuity in her physical therapy to increase her daily activity.

Based on aforementioned circumstances, ongoing supervision and an expert management of Ms Anderson would be profoundly appropriated towards her fast recovery. Incase additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital


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