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AE.38. Naseem Al Sahar - Mr Jeremy Taylor


The oncologist

Dr Gerald Jones

24 siphia Avenue

New Abbey

17 march 2018

Dear Doctor Gerald Jones

Re:Mr Jeremy Taylor. DOB:19 October 1964

Mr taylor who was diagnosed left lung tumor(2. 5cm) underwent removal of tumor successfully with VATS procedure. requires appropriate care and your expert assessment after transferring back to New Abbey.

on 05 march 2018.Mr taylor complaints of respiratory tract infection and rust_coloured sptum. vitals signs were recorded. Temperature elevated 38 degree C and Blood pressure 128/83mmgh.Amoxicilline 500mg commenced twice a day for 5 days.

on 10 march 2018 CT scan done which shows category TIC no Mo Left lung tumor (2.5cm).Test result revealed Stage 11A non_small cell lung cancer. however Bronchial branches were not involved.

on 15 March 2018. tumor was successfully removed in 4 incisions witj VATS procedure. tubes removed same day and dressing done. Blood pressure slightly increased 130/80mmhg.Temperature respiratort rate and pulse rate was within normal range. Tablet Rampriil 5mg commenced.

Mr Taylor is a widower. wife died 3 years ago. drinks socially smoker. He has had hypertension since 2010 no compliance with medication.

these days are scheduled are chemotherapy 20 March 2018 to 20 March 2018 for 4 cycles each cycle after 2 weeks. (cisplatin and Docetaxel zofran administred for side effectsof nausea) 5Kg weight lost.

Based on the afore_mentioned circumstances it would be profoundly beneficial if you could reffer to dietian and psychotherapist for quit smoking. md and regular exercise needs to start within 2 weeks. Follow up CT scan initially after 3 months then annually and xray chest three times per year. complete blood count(cbc) weekly. for 2 months. Medical letter and list of Medications are attatched for your kind persual. incase you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

yours faithfully

Charge nurse


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