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AE.37. Bincy Robin - Alison Cooper



Barnaby Webster

School psychologist

Joohey Point

Primary State School

Dear Ms Webster

Re:Alison Cooper D.O.B:14/06/2002

The purpose of this letter is to refer Ellison, a 17 year old girl into your care for the support and assessment due to grief related and other psychological problems.

Alison is a fifth year student, she lives with her mother who is a full time bank manager and she lost her father 18 months ago. Alison and her siblings are often taken care of by their grandmother. Subsequently ,she has started to be more absent from school due to medical problems like headache and stomach ache.

Regarding Ellison social background, she started school well but since her third grade she has had problems to concentrate, and remains aloof. Morever she has had few friends and her classmates often make fun of her weight and Eczema problems. Therefore according to her mother Alison is withdrawn and cries at home because she is disturbed since her father's death and she was attached with her father.

In view of the above, it would be appreciated if you could asess the underlying grief and other psychological issues and treat her as deemed appropriate

Enclosed herewith ,are all pertinent details if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours Sincerely

School Nurse


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