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AE.31. Naseem Al-Sahar - Mr james Hutton


The registered Nurse

post_operative Residence

10 june 2010

Dear Nurse

Re:Mr james Hutton'.DOB:25 March 1920

Mr Hutton who underwent right corneal eye surgery requires appropriate care and assistance from your facility as in our hospital no facility for over_night care.

Mr hutton who has had blindness in left eye related to corneal tear since 2001.corneal graft was performed in 2004 now symptoms worsenedhypertensive since 2003.

Mr hutton is a retired grazier widowed. lives with his son. mobilized independently regardless of limited vision of right eye and no vision at all in left eye. the list of medicatiins are attatched with this letter for your kund persual.

Local anaesthesia and sedation was given prior to surgery. unable to open right eye for several hours. A clear eye shield should be placed on right eye whole night. requires your assistance for mobilization. showering and dressing. dark glass also provided by hospital use as per need. scheduled for eye _surgeon tomorrow 11am.please make ready for discharge by 10am.

Based on the afore_mentioned circumstances it would be profoundly beneficial for mr hutton s health. if you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me

yours faithfully

Registered Nurse


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