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AE.14. Preethi Bala - Ms Mary Bell


Ms Jane Rudik

The Community Nurse

Newtown Community Health Centre


15 July 2018

Re: Ms Mary Bell, aged 66

Dear Nurse,

I am referring Ms Mary Bell who was diagnosed with unstable diabetes mellitus and an infected left foot ulcer, for ongoing care and appropriate management at your facility, following the discharge today.

On 24 June, Ms Bell was admitted with the aforementioned diagnosis. Consequently glibenclamide 5 mg once a day, met for in 850 mg thrice a day and amoxycillin 125 mg twice a day per oral were commenced. She has a periodic problem with self- administration of hypoglycaemic medication. Additionally, daily saline dressings has been provided.

Ms Bell lives alone, with a small post retirement income. Despite no relatives and friends, lack of interest in outdoor activities has been noted. Excessive consumption of alcohol along with decreased dietary quality has been reported.

Following discharge, regular monitoring for ensuring medical compliance and blood glucose level would be greatly appreciated, establishing income - generating activities would be suggested. Moderate exercise programme should be encouraged. Apart from that involvement in social activities can be encouraged.

If any additional information is required. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Newtown Community Hospital


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