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AE.12 Sithara Jayathunga - Ms Jasmine Thompson



Dr Mary staphem

Padburn city clinic


Dear sir

Re:Victoria Price D.O.B :4/11/206

The purpose of this letter is to refer Victoria, who had an injury during hockey match and has been suspected for depression.Your urgent management and investigation is highly recommend.

Victoria, had been found to self harm himself and had scratches from a prickly bush. He was found to be hectic but not aggressive .In addition to he was hit by a ball during hockey match and had injured his left wrist.

On 28th August 2021,on review after discussion with Mrs farmer ,it was notef that.he was withdrawn and found to be moody. However he was found aloof in the room listening to music.

On observation by teachers Victoria ,distract other pupils in the class.Despite being disruptive there was no bullying found.The main concern was sports his interested activity. He was loosing interest in all the activities, and had no friends

In view of the above ,it would be appreciated if you would attend her on an emergency basis and provide her the urgent management. Offnote all the relevant details are attached herewith.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Community Nurse


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