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AE.10 Bincy Robin - Ms Raquel Jackson



The Emergency department


Delmont,private hospital

North Terrace


SA 5000

Dear sir,

Re:Raquel Jackson Aged 62

This letter is being written to refer miss Jackson ,who requires an urgent assessment and management for her condition. She has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia due to drug interaction your ample care and management is highly recommended.

MS Jackson has had type 2 diabetes since 2008 for which she is on metformin 200 mg on 16 September she underwent laproscopic cholecystectomy and was discharge three days later since then she has been provided home visit from our facility.

During the first to visits, Ms Jackson appeared normal and had no complaints However, she developed heartburn on 9/ 10/2020 for which her GP stopped metformin and started cimetidine . On the third home visit today she was found lethargic and disoriented. It was found that she was continuing metformin against her GP advice. On further examination HB ATC was 4%

In view of the above, it would be appreciated if you could attend her on an emergency basis and provide her the urgent management to resolve the crisis. Offnote, all the relevant records are attached herewith

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your sincerely

Community Health nurse


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