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AE.09 Bincy Robin - Ms Betty Johnson



Dr Tony Jones

Private Practice

12 New Street

Still Water

Dear Jones

Re:Ms Betty Johnson Aged:81

This is to update the current health status of Ms Betty Johnson, who underwent total knee replacement surgery on 25/02/2015 and is being discharged today. She would require a follow-up care from your facility.Postoperatively ms Johnson, condition has been progressive and returned to the ward on the same day. On assessment her vitals signs and pathological investigation were normal except a low hemoglobin value of 80gm which was later correctef to 100 grams with blood transfusions. Her regular medicine warfarin had been replaced with clexane 80 mg and later reverted to warfarin 5mg

Based on the investigations and improved mobility .Ms Johnson was shifted to rehabilitation centre on 6 /3/ 2015 for further management, where she has shown good recovery and medication dosage were altered as per her progress.Ms Johnson had reported greater independence with improved mobility. She require minimal assistance with daily activities like a shower.

On 21/03/2015,she has been discharged home with nursing home assistance for personal hygiene. Offnote her surgical wounds are expised and based on her prognosis.

In view of the above,it would be greatly appreciated,if you could provide her further management . It is worthy to note,she has an appointment with a rehab centrepin two weeks and a follow up

If u have any further queries, kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Registers nurse


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