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AE.05 Ashley Joseph - Mr Lionel Ramamurthy


Ms Georgine Ponsford

Community Health Nurse

Community Retirment Home

103 Light Street,


10th February,2019

Dear Ms Ponsford,

Re:Lionel Ramamurthy,aged 63

Mr Lionel Ramamurthy was diagnosed with pneumonia.He requires continued care from your service to improve his health status.He will be discharged tommarow.

Mr Ramamurthy was admitted to hospital on 04 february,2019 with suggestive symtoms of pneumonia.On admission,he was assisted with daily leaving activites.During hospitalization,he was provided with oral fluids and proper nutrition.The patient is mobilized as per the phisotherpist order.On following dates,he made a good progress.

Please note that the patient is recommended to take paracetamol,if he has chest and abdominal pain.He needs to be enccouraged to take good nutrition and increase oral fluids.Kindly keep the patient warm and he was provided with chest phisotherapy.

This letter will send with Mr Ramamurthy.

Please contact me if you have any quires

Yours sincerley,

Charge Nurse


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