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AE.04 Hima Theresa - Ms. Anna Dijana


Ms Cathy Ina

The Community Nurse

6 Buchanan Street

Glasgow G69 6DY


25 July 2018

Dear Ms Ina

Re: Ms Anna Dijana, aged 42

Ms Dijana, who has been recovering from multiple fractures, requires ongoing care and management from your facility following her discharge to home.

On 15 July, Ms Dijana was presented with right knee pain followed by fall from stairs.She was unable to bear weight on the leg.Right tibial fracture and compartment syndrome were diagnosed, and proceeded to facistomy of the lower leg. A vaccum therapy has been placed on the insicion.Post-operative recovery was normal.

Before discharge, the importance of wound site care was instructed. Signs of infection has to be notified as well.Blankets and clothings has to be kept apart from the wound and the extrimity to be elevated. Any visitors has been instructed the same. In addition, the expected drainage was explained.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, the continuity of monitoring and supportive care of Ms Dijana would be greatly beneficial. In-case of any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

The Registered Nurse

The New Victoria Hospital.


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