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AD.39. Jyothi Sridhar - Alicia Nesbitt


The Local Community Midwife

Saltown Maternal and Child Health Centre


28 April 2016,

Dear community Midwife,

Re: Alicia Nesbitt, aged 6 days

Alicia Nesbitt has been born with opioid dependence and low birth weight. She requires follow-up monitoring and appropriate evaluation after being discharged today.

Alicia's mother, Ms Gemma, has been on heroin dependence for the past two years. Ms Gemma is not only victim of domestic violence but also a sex worker. During hospitalisation, Alicia and her mother Gemma's withdrawal course was completed without any complication. Further addiction has been managed by de addiction team.

At birth,Alicia's weight was 2.0 kg; presently,Alicia weighs 2.3 Kg. Decreased appetite was evident, therefore bottle feeding was initiated. Establishment of poor bonding between Alicia and Ms Gemma was eminent. Consequently, Ms Gemma often needs prompting to care for Alicia and the bond between mother and baby appears to be poor.

Upon discharge, in order to maintain appropriate weight and proper feeds daily home visits are imperative. It will be important to monitor Gemma's psychosocial state and liaise with social worker and de addiction team to lessen the risk of heroin use. Social Worker need to be enlightened if environmental threat persist.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, a daily home visits until Alicia's weight and feeding routine have been established would be profoundly beneficial. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Saint Daphne Maternity Hospital


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