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AD.36. Thomas Bitty - Mr Jake Peterson


30 August 2019

Mrs Monica Kullan

Senior Nurse Practitioner

University of Marchbank Health Centre

Hillsdunne Road


Dear Mrs Kullan,

Re: Mr Jake Peterson aged 18

I am writing to refer Mr Jake, an 18 year old student in your care, as he requires monitoring and special exam arrangements.

Mr Jake was presented with complaints of hair loss and associated symptoms of depressions. He was first presented with hair loss when he was 13 and was referred to a trichologist ,who could not establish etiology.

He was commenced on steroid cream, but he discontinued the medication due to personality changes ,aggression and sleep loss. From 2014 to 2018, he experienced the intermittent hair growth and no further hair loss .

In 2018 ,Mr Jake has reoccurence of hair loss as well as loss 6 kilogram within 2 months. He was recommended for a doctor visit, but he refused to visit a doctor. He started taking homeopathy remedies such as Kallium carbonium and silica, but there were no improvements .He was referred to a counselor but failed to attend the appointment.

During recent assessment ,Mr Jake's exam was going to begin as he experience severe anxiety and hair loss.

In view of the above details ,it would be greatly appreciated if you could do a regular monitoring of Mr Jakes symptoms of depression and anxiety. Kindly arrange a special exam arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for queries.

Yours sincerely,


Holy House School



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