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AD.19. Amal Mariya - Ms Sheila Cartwright


Mrs Edith Penny

Community Nurse

Freemont Community Health Centre


30 April 2017

Dear Mrs Penny

Re: Ms Sheila Cartwright, aged 69

Ms Sheila Cartwright, who has diagnosed with unstable diabetes mellitus and left small infected foot ulcer, requires ongoing care and appropriate assistance in your facility is being discharged today.

After retirement, Ms Cartw resides in a personally owned three bedroom home with her small pension. She leads a lonely and sedentary lifestyle. Since retirement in 2015,her alcohol consumption was drastically increased whereas her dietary quality has diminished tremendously. Additionally, periodic problems were reported regarding self-administration of hypoglycemic medication.

Ms Cartwright has had non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus for the last nine years. Her current medications including Glime 5 milligram onec daily, Diabex 800 milligram daily three times for unstable diabetes mellitus and Augmentin Due Forte 125 milligram per oral daily twice for left foot ulcer respectively. Regular wound dressing is required for small infected left foot ulcer. Wound margins were monitored, signs of complications were observed and the healing progress were reviewed.

After discharge stipulated programs must be performed ;regular medication compliance and blood sugar level must be monitored ;dietary regimen must be enforced; exercise regimen should be implemented. Involvement of community social servies worker and income generating activities suggested. A review is required for antibiotic therapy at the completion of the current course.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, regular supervision and management would be extremely beneficial to improve Ms Cartwright condition. Incase, additional information is required, kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Freemont Community Hospital



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