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AD.02. Smita Kanta - Ms Cindy Shaw


Mr Minsub Park

28 September 2018

Dear Mr Minsub Park

Re: Ms Cindy Shaw, aged 74

I am referring to Ms Cindy Shaw, who has been recuperating from the left hip replacement surgery, for ongoing care and management at home following the discharge today.

On the postoperative day, the blood sugar level was deranged.In order to manage sugar level, 2unit of injection insulin were commenced. Intravenous fluids with pain medication were prescribed to manage the pain. Difficulties in mobilization was observed. Compression stockings were provided to improve the blood circulation in the limbs.

In addition, excellent progress has been noticed. Mobilization was possible with the help of a walker. Tab Vicodin 7.5mg has been prescribed for pain. The blood sugar level is unremarkable. Also, blood sugar is to be monitored every second day. wound healing has been slow reported.

Additionally, regular dressing is necessary for wound healing. Staples are to be removed after a fortnight. Range of motion and strengthening exercises are to be initiated after 12 weeks. Home hazard assessment to be conducted by the occupational therapist as she will be living alone. Education regarding maintaining the posture while cooking to be imparted.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, unceasing care and support would be extremely beneficial for Ms Shaw's health condition. In case you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurs


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