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AD.01. Deepika Gauri - Ms Jasmine Thompson


Ms Nita Roberts

In-Home Nursing Service

79 Beachside St


11 July, 2017

Dear Ms Roberts,

Re: Mrs Thompson, aged 75

Mrs Thompson, Who has been recuperating from the right total shoulder replacement, requires regular home visits and appropriate management following the discharge today.

Post-operatively, Mrs Thompson has made a remarkable recovery. On examination, X ray of the right shoulder confirmed TSR position and compliance with physiotherapy was also observed. Excellent recovery has been noted in terms of pain and wound management. However, assistance with daily living activities would be required.

Mrs Thompson lives in a single story house and her daughter will stay with her for the next month. She suffered a right humerus fracture in 1997 and developed osteoarthritis accompanied by pain, decreased movement and inability to perform activities of daily living.

In view of the aforementioned circumstances, regular home visits Would be required to administer Clexane subcutaneously for four days to prevent deep vein thrombosis. In addition, physiotherapy twice and hydrotherapy once a week are recommended. She needs to avoid lifting and continue using an arms sling for the following month. Post operative staple removal is scheduled after 10 days at Orthopedics Joint Replacement Outpatient Department. For any concerns, kindly contact Orthopedic Joint Replacement Nurse Specialist.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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