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AC.43. Lincy Antony - Ms Sarah Keating


05 October2010

Ms Jan Piper

District Nurse

Scarborough Beach city council

The Esplanade Scarborough Beach 6019

Dear Ms Piper,

Ref: Ms Sarah Keating, aged 20

I am writing to refer Ms Sarah Keating, who was diagnosed with an infection of the skin graft on the right forearm. She requires follow up care and monitoring at your service.

On 2 October 2010 Ms Keating was readmitted to the hospital with definitive symptoms of graft site infection. During hospitalisation she was mananaged with intravenous Ampicillin and daily dressing. Apart from this, she was reviewed by the hospital psychiatrist.

Ms Keating is recuperating well. Presently, her graft site was kept uncovered for her fast recovery.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor Ms Keating's medications compliance and visit her two times a week. It is necessary to continue oral Ampicillin 250 mg three times a day till 31 October 2010. Kindly observe for signs of infection or interference on the graft and donor site. Please note that she has an appointment with a Psychologist which has been arranged by our hospital

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse.


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