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AC.42. Deepthi Mariam - Mr Oliver Harry


Mrs Emma France

Mental Health Social Worker

2 Market Street Muswell Brook

NSW 2223

Dear Mrs France,

Re:Mr Oliver Harry

DOB:25 May,1982

I am writing to refer Mr Oliver Harry and his wife into your care,they require psychological councelling and advice regrdinga adjust to his retirement life.He has potentional suicidal thoughts.

Mr Harry has had pshychological disorders since 2006 and he was treated accordingly.Although he has been consulted a private psychiatrist since 2008,he has occational suicidal thoughts for the last three years,for which he did not seek any mental health.

Mr Harry lives with his wife,who is very supportive,and has two children.His son has Down syndrome and he permanently lives in a disability centre.He has strong work values and demanding administrative position;therefore,he can afford a high quality treatment.

Today, Mr Harry presented with unstable blood pressure for a week.Their psychiatrist advised them to consider for an early retirement and they applied for a disability pension.

Upon above circumstances,it would be appreciated if you could provide therapeutic counseling for Mr and Mrs Harry.It is important to introduce him to link to community services.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

North Yark Medical Practice Mr Harry


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