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AC.41. Navtej Kaur - Mr Jake Peterson


Mrs Monica Kullan

Senior Nurse Practitioner

University March Bank Health centre

Hills dune Road


Re: Mr Jake Peterson;aged 18

Dear Mrs Kullan,

I am writing to introduce Mr Peterson, a student, who is going to start studying at your university.He is facing problems with hair loss and associated depression. He is anxious regarding his transition and independent living .

Initially, Jake presented with hair loss and anxiety at 13. Therefore, he was referred to a trichologist to determine aetiology. He was prescribed steroid cream for three months, but medication was discontinued after his personality changes, aggression and sleep loss. His condition stabilised with no further hair loss and hair regrowth for four years.

Last year, he presented back with anxiety, hair loss and lost 6 kg weight over two months. Therefore, he was recommended to see a Doctor rgargding these problems, but he refused and asked for natural remedies such as homoeopathy.After two months, he was upset due to no improvement from homeopathy treatment and was struggling to maintain peer relationships. He was referred to the school counsellor but did not attend.

During the recent exam time, Mr Peterson got extreme anxiety, for which special exam room was arranged .he is worried about his independent living and has increased alcohol consumption 28 units per weeks.

Given the above , it would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor him and organise special exam arrangements.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me .

Yours sincerely,


Boarding school


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