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AC.38. Sithara Jayathunga - Mr Dallas Walters


The Renal Clinic Specialist

Community Health Centre


22 June 2011

Dear Nurse,

Re: Mr Dallas Walters, aged 51

I am referring Mr Walters, who underwent continuous ambulatory peritoneal catheter insertion

due to chronic renal failure, for continuing care and appropriate management following the

discharge today.

Mr Walters had been treated for mild chronic renal failure for four years, which worsened

recently. On 16 June 2011, he was admitted to the hospital, subsequently, continuous ambulatory

peritoneal catheterization was performed and the procedure was unremarkable.

During hospitalization, potassium level has been stable; however, continuous cardiac supervision

for a fortnight along with a low potassium diet has been recommended. Even though Mr Walters

and wife have slow progress of learning skills, education regarding the disease condition,

management of the catheter including, prevention of infections and signs of peritonitis has been


Mr Walters lives with a supportive wife who is intellectually disable. Although he has a history

of schizophrenia, currently, he is mentally stable except mild chronic delusions. The signs and

symptoms of psychosis need to be observed .He also has had type two diabetes mellitus, for

which he takes oral diabetic agents.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, providing ongoing care and necessary assistance

would be extremely beneficial to improve Mr Walters’ health condition. A community aboriginal

worker could be arranged for reinforcement of education when needed. Nonetheless, medications

should be forwarded by a medical officer.

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse

Renal Ward

Chales Gardiner Hospital


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