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AC.33. Deepika Gauri - Mr Phillip Satchel


The Community Nurse

Community Health Centre


February 2018

Dear Community Nurse,

Re: Mr Phillip Satchell, aged 73

Mr Satchell, who has been recuperating from multiple sclerosis, type two diabetes and chronic left and right leg ulcers, requires further management and ongoing care after being shifted to Maroubra.

Mr Satchell presented with the aforementioned diagnosis. Consequently, intravenous antibiotics twice and metformin thrice a day were commenced. In addition, regular daily dressing changes, which have been provided for the pus formed ulcers due to staphylococcus aureus infection in the right and left leg, needs to be continued.

Also, constant monitoring to ensure medical compliance along with blood sugar levels and education regarding diabetes have been provided. Although the multiple sclerosis is currently stable, keen observation would be required to prevent frequent relapse.

Mr Satchell lives alone in a public housing in Orange, but will move to Maraubra for increased treatment access. Inspite of good relation with both sons, isolation as well as loneliness has been noticed.

In view of the above circumstances, involvement in various community services to increase coping as well as social network would be extremely beneficial. Arrangement should be done to refer Mr Sajal to Prince of Wales Diabetic Clinic for medication review and the neurologist for MS follow-up. Continuation of diabetic medications and switching to oral antibiotics would be recommended.

If any assistance is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse


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