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AC.30. Deepika Gauri - Mr Gerald Baker


Ms Samantha Bruin

The Senior Nurse

Greywalls Nursing Home

27 Station Road


7 December, 2010

Dear Ms Bruin,

Re: Mr Gerald Baker, aged 79

Mr Baker, who has been recuperating from the left total hip replacement, requires appropriate management and ongoing care following the discharge today.

On 3 September, Mr Baker was admitted with osteoarthritis requiring the aforementioned surgery. Consequently, regular daily dressing changes as well as occupational therapy has been provided. In addition, range of motion has been performed along with stretching and strengthening exercises. Excellent recovery has been observed in terms of ambulation; however, walking is possible only with wheelie-walker.

Post operative disorientation was also noted, now, needs continuous observation. Also, haemoglobin levels, which had been stabilised by transfusing three units of packed red blood cells, requires frequent assessment.

In view of the above circumstances, further monitoring to ensure medication compliance and exercise programmes would be extremely beneficial. Dressing is also essential to preserve the skin integrity. Eventhough walker and wedge pillow has been provided by the hospital, toilet raiser will be arranged by the social worker. Arrangements should be done for staple removal in the next two weeks and follow up appointment for FBE as well as UEC tests at City Hospital clinic.

If any assistance is required please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse


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