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AC.27. Bincy Robin - Mr Lionel Ramamurthy


10 February, 2019

Ms Georgina Ponsford

Resident community Nurse

Community Retirement home

103,light street


Dear Ms Ponsford

Re: Lionel Ramamurthy Aged :63

Mr Lionel Ramamurty who has been diagnosed with pneumonia was admitted on 4th February 2019 he is ready to be discharged tomorrow under your care.

With regards to medical prognosis on admission he had acute shortness of breath , fever ,rigors and sleeplessness .He also had chest pain and abdominal pain .Mr Ramamurthy is now more independent .However he is also able to walk slowly without assistance and able to use the toilet independently.

Socially, he is is a retired school teacher since the death of his wife ,he is lonely he lost approx 4 kg as had been associated with poor diet.

In view of the above it would be greatly appreciated if you to ambulate him regularly and continue with deep breathing and coughing exercise .Please do encourage oral fluids and ensure that he sits, rather than liesdown .

Enclosed herewith are all pertinent details. If you have any further queries .kindly do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely

charge nurse


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