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AC.26. Satya Lakshmi - Mr Robert Jai


The Head Nurse

Geriatric Nursing Home

Jones Street


20 May 2019

Dear Head Nurse

Re: Mr Robert Jai, aged 70

This letter is being written to refer Mr Robert Jai, who underwent appendectomy, requires appropriate care and assistance from your facility following the discharge today.

On 10 May 2019, Mr Jai was admitted with the complaint of severe abdominal pain; and therefore, surgery was performed. Post-operatively wound was found to have signs of infection such as oozing, itching, redness, for which daily dressings and antibiotics provided. Currently, excellent wound healing and normal blood glucose levels were observed. Ambulation is possible independently; however, daily living activities can be performed with assistance.

Mr Jai is a widower, lives alone in a rented flat. Smokes for the last 30 years. He has been treated diabetes and hypertension for the last 10 years, he takes tab: Metformin 500mg and alphadopa 250mg respectively. Right side paralysis, slurred speech were reported ascribed to cerebrovascular accident in 2018. Of note, he is allergic to Panadine forte.

Based in the aforementioned circumstances, a regular monitoring of mediation compliances would be extremely beneficial. Daily dressing and blood glucose check-up is highly recommend. Encouragement to participate in physiotherapy programme to enhance the activity level of Mr Jai's greatly appreciated. Ensure to provide soft diet and fluid intake to improve the health status is advantageous. A follow-up visit in a week has been scheduled.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse

New Life Hospital


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