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AC.17. Smitha Kanta - Sona Mittal


Ms. Annette de Cruz

Nutrition Department

D Wing

St Charles Children's Hospital

Bridge Town

25 October 2019

Dear Ms. De Cruz

Re: Sona Mittal, aged 2

Thank you for seeing Sona Mittal, who has been suffering from severe malnourishment and management under your facility following the discharge today.

On 20 October, Sona was presented with a high fever associated with cough, shortness of breath, and weakness. As per the physical assessment severe malnourished unkempt appearance, sunken eyes, and dry skin were observed. Subsequently, Antibiotics and an inhaler were commenced. Nutritional requirements were fulfilled by providing a nutritious diet.

However, physically fair improvement and regular eating have been noticed. Speech is improved better than before admission. Sleeps well in the daytime, as compared to the night. Sona lives with her mother in an incomplete building. Education to the mother regarding the preparation of a balanced diet is highly imperative. Vitamin c supplement is prescribed for national needs.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances your expert advice and nutritional evaluation would be profoundly beneficial for Sona's health conditions. In case you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

St Charles Children's Hospital




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