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AC.12. Ajeesh Karosh - Mrs Anitha Ramamurthy


Ms Prabha

Srishti Nursing Home Care Agency


23 June 2017

Dear Ms Prabha,

Re: Mrs Anita Ramamurthy, aged 59 Years

Height: 5 feets, 4 Inches

Weight: 87 Kilogram, BMI: 33 ( Over Weight)

I am referring Mrs Ramamurthy, who requires a home visit for providing information and guidance regarding self-obsevation of blood glucose level, self administration of insulin injection, following her discharge today.

Mrs Ramamurthy is an education consultant and is lives with her husband. Due to her work, most of the time eats outside food, and not engaging with any physical activity. Apart from this, she consumes junk foods and sweetners, and has had hypertension and type II diabetes mellitus. Therefore, she is on tablet atenolol 20 mg in the morning and has been non-compliant with diabetic medication.

On 18 June 2017, Mrs Ramamurthy was admitted to the hospital with elevated body temperature and abdominal pain. After the assessment, an ultrasound abdomen was performed by herself from outside of the hospital which revealed alleged acute appendicitis. On the same day, abdominal CT scan was performed, which confirmed the diagnosis, as well as appropriate medications were provided. Today, excellent improvement has been noticed but is scheduled for an appendectomy after 6 weeks. She was reviewed by an endocrinologist, and has been commenced with 8 units of subcutaneous human mixtard twice per day in the morning and 6 units of same injection in the night as well.

In the view of above-mentioned information, kindly take over the case of Mrs Ramamurthy and provide appropriate instruction and education regarding blood glucose monitoring and insulin injection. Additionally, avoid heavy activities, diabetic and low-fat diet would be profoundly beneficial for her health. Also, adequate guidance regarding exercise will be good to improve her quality of life.

If you have any further concern, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse

Sydney Women's Hospital.


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